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10 Tips To Help Change Your Life

by Mann Matharu on February 27, 2017

So you are thinking about changing your life? I understand how you feel. I myself used to be stuck. Or felt like I was stuck. The ridiculous thing is that I kept repeating the same things over and over again, yet expecting changes desperately. The tips below is what I discovered that helped change my life.

1. Know what you want
It is a very tough task creating your ideal “dream life” if you haven’t visualised what it looks like. So before anything at all, visualise how you want your desired extraordinary life to be – physically, financially, spiritually – and map it out somewhere like a blank page. Like they say, “if you do not know where you’re going, you may end up somewhere you don’t like.” So it’s very important to make a definitive list of what you want in your life.

2. Know why you want those things
After mapping out what you want, it’s important to know why you want those things. Include all the goals and vision you have for your life. Know why it is so important for you achieve them and to pursue your vision for success. What happens if you don’t? If you don’t know why, it will be difficult for you to stay the course when the going gets tough and you will also figure out how to go about it.

3. Take action!
It’s so easy staying in your comfort zone and living with excuses as well as justifications about why you can’t achieve what you want. But nothing could be the greatest antidote to fear than taking a action!

You don’t have to know everything before you take action. Just do something. You can start by talking to people, getting your expenses in order, asking for help from your mentor or coach, learning a skill, reading books, joining a group, and so on, but make a start. It opens up many different doors and multiple opportunities will start to present themselves.

4. Expand your possibilities
Do not see the world as it is, but see it as you are. The way you view your past and present creates the future you will inhabit. If you view yourself as a helpless victim, you’ll be just that. If you view yourself as the master of your fate, you’ll be just that too. So it’s important to learn how to change any negative thoughts into positive ones. One easy way to do this is writing, reading and saying positive affirmations and surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting people. It is true, that you ca not change your history, but you can rewrite your story and in doing so, you will expand the possibilities for your future.

5. Make fear an ally
Instead of taking our fears as “the enemy,” we need to start making it work for us. This is made possible by focusing not on what might happen if we fail at meeting up with our goals and ambitions, but how we will take it if we avoid the risk! Imagine how you’ll feel in the future letting the fear that you had undermined your actions in the past to now continue to pilot your life. Better you fear regret more than you’d fear failure.

6. Be on the watch as you progress
As you progress, ensure you keep your eye open for how you need to be adjusting your progress as you navigate your way from present Point A to desire Point B. If you aren’t achieving the results you desired, change plans. Not doing this is a sure bet ofcourse landing from your intended destination which may turn out to be a disaster. Also, don’t let failures and setbacks stop you. Change your strategy, learn from the lessons and press on.

7. Create daily routines
It’s the little things you do on your way up that create the big results you want. When you are purposeful, passionate, focused and absolutely determined to achieve a particular outcome, you become unstoppable. When challenges come your way, you will overcome. When setbacks arise, you find ways to bounce back fast.

8. Expect uncertainties
Truth be told, no matter how much you try to control your life, you can’t because life is inherently uncertain. Getting prepared for life’s uncertainties allows you to make better decisions as the wind changes around you instead of flipping out because it wasn’t in the weather forecast!

9. Schedule priorities
Ensure you have scheduled priorities in your calendar because if you don’t, other people’s priorities will consume your time. Have plans for your planning, reflection, relaxing, exercise, family, etc. Thinking you’ll just create the time amid the busyness of your life is fancy illusion.

10. Hang out with like-minded people
The people around you can either move you forward or hold you back. If the set of people you hang out with do not bring out the best in you, find people who will, because at the end, you can’t help but become more like the people you’re always surrounded with.

It is worthy to note that gratitude is the most powerful ingredient for life. Being grateful for even the small things – being alive – can make a profound difference to both your health and happiness. When you cultivate a life of gratitude, you fuel positive emotions and amplify blessings into your life. This keeps you from making small problems bigger.

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