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Attract Holistic Peace in 2017

by Mann Matharu on December 1, 2016

Inner Peace Attracts Holistic Peace

What comes to mind when you think of attracting peace within your life? Is it a blissful stage of personal happiness, a state of ecstatic relaxation, or, a situation where all individuals feel interconnected and accepted? Whatever it is, on the journey to attracting peace in the home you will find that without inner peace, peace within the self, holistic peace cannot last.

In the first article of this series, “Personal Peace Attracts Perpetual Peace,” (link back to this article) we found that peace, whether it be personal, family, or holistic, always begins with you, the individual. Negative feelings such as stress, anxiety, and depression can melt away like ice if you have the intention to free yourself from your own perception of reality. Reality is different for all of us due to the simple fact that it is our own perceptions and judgments that cause feelings, negative or positive, to assemble as we live the human experience.

Peace is not just the absence of violence, it is also a body, mind, and spiritual sensation that we, as individuals, experience on different levels. We all struggle with different hardships, but here are a few ways to initiate peace within yourself. I challenge you to creatively find other things that may work for you as the journey towards peace becomes shorter and more enjoyable!

Things You Can Do to Attract Inner Peace:

Listen to Your Thoughts: Listen to the tone of your thoughts. Are they positive and uplifting, or, are they harmful towards yourself and others? What can you do to increase positive thoughts?

Meditate: Meditation is a wonderful and relaxing way to increase self-knowledge. In order for peace to resonate around you, you have to know who you are…why you are. Give mediation a go, there are many ‘how to start’ guides online. Here’s one I enjoy

Keep the Golden Rule: As often as you’ve heard this, it pays to treat others the way you would like to be treated. As we treat others with respect and uplift them, we in turn gain respect and feel better about who we are.

Embrace Change: Change is inevitable. It is the nature of life. Learn to respond to it well.

Spend Time in Nature: Nature can awake peaceful and intense feelings and sensations within you that may have become dormant due to high stress.

Once you have made progress with yourself, help implement what you’ve learned into your home.

Things You Can Do to Attract Peace Within the Home:

Maintain a Clean Home: Energy becomes stagnant in items around our homes that are neglected or cluttered. Clearing this energy away and cleaning the home inspires peace to stay.

Light Candles or Incense: Incense and other forms of therapeutic fragrances can help level out high emotions. If you are feeling over-stimulated, light a candle and take a breather.

Keep Plants in the Home: Adopt a few green children into the home, buy a few plants that help keep the home feeling comfortable and an enjoyable place to stay. Try a peace lily!

Spend Time Getting To Know One Another: Set aside a designated time to spend time with those closest to you, try to understand the person they are without judging them.

Create A Plan: Creating a plan, together, helps provide clarity and self-confidence through situations that cause high stress and anxiety.

Attracting peace within the home is something most of us strive for, for some it may be easy and for others it can prove difficult. Learning to enact peace within your own heart and being will help guide you along the path to obtaining peace in the home and with others. Peace is a perpetual influence, allow it to flourish by obtaining it for yourself first! Peace be with you.

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