WooHoo! I am now a Certified Blockchain Expert

by Mann Matharu on May 16, 2018

Honoured to have been accredited as a Certified Blockchain Expert! Thank you to the Blockchain Council for their support and training.

Over the last 18 months, I’ve been heavily involved in research and development of a new business which is in the FinTech sector and whilst working on it, the word “Blockchain” kept coming up. Like many others, when I hear of Blockchain, I immediately thought, Bitcoin or crypto-currency. How wrong was I!?

Blockchain is much more…so much more!

I was shocked and totally blown away with the various applications that can be built on the Blockchain. Knowing Blockchain would play a vital role in my new business, I decided to study it further thus the need for sharing the certificate below.

Mann Matharu - Certified Blockchain Expert

A lot of my friends and followers know that I’m a spiritual being that totally believes in unconditional compassion. So how did Blockchain become such a vital part of my life. Well, I’ve been working in the Internet arena since around 2003, building websites and apps for businesses around the World, so just like the Blockchain, it was time to evolve and details of that evolution I will share in another journal post, but for now…let’s just say…”MANN IS A CERTIFIED BLOCKCHAIN EXPERT” (You can tell that I’m super chuffed with this!).

Stark Technologies Ltd
I realised that there is a great need for education of Blockchain technology, so I had no choice but to launch my new consultancy and innovation practice in London’s latest technology hub.

Stark Technologies was born in March 2018 and it is solely focused on the innovation, education and delivery of high grade Blockchain projects. By the way, this wasn’t the business that I mentioned above! They will, however cross-over from time to time as that’s just the way it goes with technology.

Learn More
If you’re interested in Blockchain technology, or would like to come and work for Stark Technologies, please visit and contact us via:

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