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My Gratitude Technique

by Mann Matharu on December 26, 2016

Over the years, whilst working with people, teaching and discussing the theory of having and living a grateful life, people often ask me ‘how should one practice the attitude of gratitude?’.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube with guided meditation. I’m not about to start anytime soon with online videos, however I’m happy to reference ones that I think will work.

During my meditation with others, I’ve helped many people to look within and ask them to mentally picture all the things they are grateful for. Writing down a list and reading it over and over again is also another well known technique, which can work.

I thought I would share my personal meditation when practicing the attitude of gratitude, which I try and practice on a daily basis. The technique itself is very powerful and you’ll soon see/read why.

This will work especially well if you’re a tea lover!

1. Make yourself a fresh cuppa and bring it into your quiet space and sit comfortably
2. Look at your freshly brewed cup of tea, watch the hot steam evaporate
3. Relax and let go of any unwanted thoughts and feelings, just enjoy a sip of your tea
4. Start your gratitude affirmations, as follows:
5. I am so grateful for:

  • My cup of tea
  • The clean water used in my tea
  • The money I have to pay for the electricity/gas to boil the water
  • The milk I have used in my tea
  • The supermarkets/shop owners who purchased the tea
  • The tea manufacturers who supplied the supermarkets/shop owners
  • The money I have to buy the tea
  • The tea leaf pickers who pick out the best leafs for my tea
  • Their families who work hard in order to support the farmers

You may notice what I’ve done here, or trying to achieve. A truly grateful heart and mind is recognising and being grateful for all the cogs of any process or machine that enables one to enjoy their cup of tea or whatever it may be. The tea example is one I use regularly as it was the moment I realised what the ‘attitude of gratitude’ really means.

The above example can be extended to go as far as, ‘I’m grateful for the cup’ itself or even working around the room, for example; the chair or sofa you’re sitting on, the TV hanging on your wall, the carpet, central heating etc…It’s really up to you how far you want to go, but I would recommend splitting them over a period of a week.

By being grateful for the money you have to buy the tea or pay for electricity/gas is another powerful affirmation to attract more money into your life. I will be publishing journal posts about attracting money later.

Being grateful for the farmers in the foreign lands who work very hard to pick tea leafs, well this simply is a sign of ultimate gratitude and sends a lot of positive energy towards them and whether you believe it or not, it will change their lives.

Gratitude works best if you can look past the material things in front of you.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your cuppa 🙂

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