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Personal Peace Attracts Perceptual Peace

by Mann Matharu on November 20, 2016

Peace…tranquility…and relaxation…

These are impacting sensations so many of us seek in our lives, but do we really understand the meaning and potential behind such powerful emotions? Do we sense the potential blossoming that could occur within ourselves and the world if these sensations were achieved?

Do we know where they lead?

In order to attract peace into our lives we must desire it, not only dream it. Behind the word peace lie the nouns, intention and freedom, without the support of these two important characteristics peace becomes a nebulous dream that waters down our burning desire.

Our ability to attract peace provides us with an opportunity that cannot be simply bought, but rather, experienced. Attracting peace enlightens our scared minds into becoming one with our true essence, a oneness that all living things possess, and also provides us the knowledge necessary to improve our personal quality of life, as well as the lives of others.

So, how can we attract peace into our lives?

Peace is a perpetual influence that begins with you.

Think of peace as a small, delicate, white snowball. It won’t become a snowball without your effort! As you roll and squish individual snowflakes together, the snowballs surface area becomes greater. Now, roll it down the hill, more individual snowflakes jump on, adding to the movement, increasing the snowballs potential.

Peace is something you must initiate, that initiation will stimulate others in recognizing and obtaining peace for themselves.

Peace offers a change in personal perspective, it adapts; evolves. I evolve, you evolve, therefore we all evolve. As we evolve and become more peaceful our nature changes, we become more resilient…more empathetic to the difficult situations we find ourselves in from time to time. Learning how to positively get through trying times in our lives increases our inner peace (I recommend linking this phrase to the next article), and without our inner peace life becomes a struggle instead of a journey.

At the heart of all peace lies intention. Without a pure form of intention running through our minds, how can we expect to really change reality and circumstance? For ideas to strike our minds and inspire greatness, we must attach to them emotional intention; personality.

As intention bends our minds and influences our desires, we find that true freedom comes from the ability to non-violently feel and relate to others as means to solve issues that arise. That ability is key to attracting personal and holistic peace.

An accepted definition of peace entails a “freedom from disturbance,” yet, what disturbance are we freeing ourselves from as we search for peace in our lives? It is a freedom from dead energy, stagnant vibrations that cause harmful thoughts, issues, and emotions to surface in our lives. A freedom to intently adapt to the changes life throws our way, without associating it with a negative personality, because the true nature of life is change; it is ever adapting.

Personal intention towards peace inspires a personal freedom to develop within, a freedom that allows life to become a joyful experience even in the darkest of times. As this freedom and intention burns hotter and whiter within us we find that peaceful emotions linger longer, while the devastating moments dwindle out like the embers of an old fire. Personal intention and freedom are the first steps we as individuals can take in finding personal peace. Once personal peace is found, peace becomes a perpetual stimulus in the lives of all those around us.

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