The Monk of Lantau – Book of the Month, June 2017

by Mann Matharu on July 7, 2017

Wow! I was not expecting that to happen! Every Author, near and far wishes their work attains some recognition.

It’s a feeling of happiness and humbling to know that somebody has enjoyed your story.

Not long after the release of my debut novel, The Monk of Lantau, Authoright (my publishers) carried out some PR and marketing activities and I was pleased that so many book reviewers, bloggers and other authors took part in a BlogTour. I’m truly grateful to everyone who did.

After reading my book, Jules Mortimer, an experienced Book Reviewer (Twitter: @saph1re) went on to leave a 5 star review on her Blog, GoodReads and Amazon! I was so grateful and overwhelmed with the coverage and her blog post was getting that there were no words apart from ‘thank you’. Her review really meant a lot to me as I could tell she really took the time to read and understand the philosophical message that’s embedded inside.

Thinking it could not get any better, on 6th July 2017, I opened my Twitter App on my phone (as you do first thing in the morning) and there it was! The ‘Book of the Month’ image you see at the top of page, and with my book on the left. I had to double take!

Now, I’m relatively new to the literary World, I don’t always know how everything works, but let me tell something…if your title receives the love and attention that Jules and others have given and you see your title as ‘Book of the Month’, that’s a happy day, week and trust me…I’m going to make it last the year (probably longer…lol).

This post is to say a huge thank you to Jules Mortimer for her wonderful review 🙂

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