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by Mann Matharu on April 7, 2018

Blockchain Experts & FinTech Consultants

Stark Technologies Ltd is a global Blockchain & FinTech consultancy. Over the last few years, we’ve developed many use cases to see how enterprise level, both Private and Public sector organisations can benefit from Blockchain technology.

What is the Blockchain?

In recent years, the buzz word in the technology World has been ‘Blockchain’. Since the introduction of Bitcoin, the technology that powered this revolutionary crypto-currency became known as the Blockchain.

Although in it’s infancy, the Blockchain has already evolved into several new areas and the technology will inevitably become more widely recognised and used.

Sectors where the Blockchain could and should be used:

  • Legal – Private & Public
  • Finance – Private & Public Regulatory
  • Healthcare – Private, Public and Public Regulatory
  • Asset Management – Private & Public
  • Education & Training – Private & Public
  • Distribution – Private & Public
  • Corporate Enterprise – Private

Want to learn more?

If you work within the Private or Public sector and would like to learn more about how Blockchain technology could be used and implemented, visit: starktechnologies.co.uk and book a consultation with blockchain expert, Mann Matharu

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